Support Local

  • It’s all about local provenance
  • We know our local suppliers & influence their decisions
  • We encourage them to produce the very best they can
  • We hire local talent first
  • We support local causes and charities
  • We believe in our community of spirit

Overview of the Value

Supporting Local is a mind-set. You have to get your traders, shops and local services signing up to these statements and actively buying in. We will explain later how standards can be measured and ‘scorecards’ developed to track impact and progress in your Town.

There are various ways of achieving this:

  1. Define the radius for local. 10, 15 or 20 miles, that has to also take in to account other towns that are doing the same.
  2. Setting up a local education and training scheme through your council or information office. To ensure key talk points are agreed and prominent.
  3. Co-creating a local directory of providers and suppliers and maybe an accreditation system.
  4. You need to get their buy in to engaging with you. Explain the benefits of clear provenance. Why should they buy in, what’s in it for them – growth, profitability, lower fuel miles
  5. Think about setting standards and goals to be achieved.

Specifics of Supporting Local

Supporting Local is also about other aspects of local like:

  • Recruitment of local talent which starts by giving preference to your locality.
  • Growing your own talent by educating and developing talent from local schools
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and teaching start up business skills through schools
  • Offering mentoring and coaching to both teachers and pupils.
  • Educating local councils and county councils through mentor schemes
  • Sponsoring and encouraging local charities and good causes
  • Using down time of premises and facilities to deliver community services and engagement opportunities.
  • Encouraging councillors to understand how business works and what they can do to enable the right decisions to support local high streets
  • Identifying the key levers for enabling success in your locality – parking, cycling friendly, disabled access, outdoor displays, branding guidelines, promoting the town and many more initiatives explained later.
  • Creating small town alliances such as ‘Twinning’ or ‘networking of towns’ to create scale and diffuse cost