Secure the Future

  • Establish a level and fair competitive environment
  • We need a collective vision to help define our future
  • Delivering our very best today, helps secure our future
  • We all contribute to our collective success the weakest link could create collective failure
  • We have no right to the future, we need to plan today for tomorrow
  • Today’s tactics without strategy is the slow route to future failure

Overview of the Value

Secure the future is all about understanding that ‘the Only Constant is Change’ and this needs to be factored in to the Fair Tax Town Strategy, strategy and Scale Up Process.

Currently Crickhowell Town Council, Powys County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government are in a defensive state of mind. Austerity is being resisted and despite confident trading and consumer spending these institutions are stuck in a resistant and negative paradigm.  They are in the survival mode, based on here and now.

We need to be more confident. Demonstrate Leadership and shape the future, not wait for it the shape us, like a force of nature. Nothing is inevitable and this Brand Value – Secure the Future is all about being ambition driven, not issue driven. Currently these institutions react to issues – Parking, Refuse Collection, Co-op on the High Street, By-pass or no By-pass etc.…

What Secure the future is all about is defining where we want to be, identifying the key levers to pull to get us there, and then agreeing a strategy to execute the vision. The trouble is vision is not something that bureaucrats have much experience or talent in delivering. They are better at issue based politics and Fair Tax Town offers us a means of sharing a wider vision and process to get there.

Fair Tax is a classic example of a means of Securing the Future by allowing us to retain profit, as the Multinationals have for years, but that we would re-invest in the future rather than watch being wasted by the 5 tiers of Government  +  an NGO : Brussels, Westminster, Cardiff, Powys and Crickhowell, plus the  Brecon Beacon National Park.

We retain our tax and reinvest it locally, where we can impact change and secure our future. A Fair Tax Town would be like a generous charity supporter, not anti sharing wealth, but particular in who gets the benefit of our labour and entrepreneurship.

Crickhowell would engage a second tranche of businesses to join the Fair Tax Town scheme as B shareholders in the Isle of Man and in our Dutch Trust Company to benefit from these four principles and the Intellectual property they provide in order to level the playing field and compete for a secure future against those Corporations and brands that HMRC currently ignore to create an unfair competitive advantage on the ‘High Street’. To Secure the future we would use the strategy to create scale and not just in one town but many and with the option of exporting the strategy outside of the UK.

Specifics of Secure the Future

Secure the Future would start by:

  1. To be credible and have influence we would need to be recognized as a stakeholder by these bodies, so some sort of governance and charter would be required.
  2. Getting a consensus from the Small and Medium size businesses trading in Crickhowell to define the future ambition and identify the key levers for change including the principal stakeholders we would need to engage to deliver success.
  3. Once achieved each lever for change would become a work stream to develop action plans to start shaping this future.
  4. As a concurrent work stream we would start the scale up process to ensure we can create momentum