Personal Service

  • We engage our customers in a personal way
  • We do it with a smile and by name
  • We spend time with people because human connection matters
  • People want to connect, so we create a personal experience
  • We strive to be different in the face of uniformity and blandness
  • We create a human experience, that looks, feels and is different from the indifference of the internet and Multiples
  • When we say our customers matter, we don’t immediately  ‘put you on hold’

Overview of the Value

Personal Service is a key differentiator. We can not compete with Lidl, Aldi, Asda or Tesco on price. What we can do is differentiate on quality and service.

  1. We can offer the customer a personal experience that is becoming increasingly distant. The human interaction that small independent shops provide customers. Spending time during the transaction and in after sales service and follow on based on real added value and commitment.
  2. Personal Service is increasingly being represented through internet and social media platforms. Facetime and Skype are replacing real face to face interactions and we need to find the magic formula that harnesses the power of social media to attract customers with the  actual on premises purchase, having provided a great customer experience. We need to ensure we do not simply become a shop window to allow purchasing online. This is a common practice that we need to address as we move forward – the Brand Handbook will address this phenomena.

Specifics of Personal Service

Personal Service is all about extending the human dimension that people want when they interact in their daily lives. It is not rocket science. It is about:

  • Recognizing the need to engage; say hello, ask about how people are feeling; extending warmth and welcome.
  • It is inclusive and not judgemental
  • It is about how you expect to be treated as a customer.
  • It is not based on a script or have a nice day. It is about understanding the customer in front of you and meeting their expectation and needs.
  • It is summed up by the philosophy that ‘the customer is not always right, but the customer is always the customer and forget that and you will be quickly out of business’.
  • Crickhowell needs a personality that looks ‘eye to eye’ with our customers, is confident in our products and services and professional in delivering, the very best the sector we are in, can provide.
  • As a Town we need to buy in to the concept of personal service, that will differ from shop to shop, or business to business, but that has personality founded in a confidence that we are at the top of our game.
  • We need to measure our service effectiveness by feedback and polls that are independent and statistically sound.