Care about Customers

  • We develop customer insights
  • We get to know our customer needs
  • We develop products & services they want
  • We deliver the very best we can
  • When we fail in our customer care, we fix it
  • We collaborate to deliver an end to end service

Overview of the Value

  1. Not to be confused with ‘customer care’ which is reactive and usually to fix complaints. Care about Customers starts with customer at the core of everything you do. It starts with your Town Strategy and follows the journey of your customer from Town access to exit. From how easy it is to find the town, to when your customer gets home and tells people what a great place Crickhowell is, so they become your ambassador.
  2. This requires a real shared vision of how the Town is perceived now and where you want to be in 15-20 years.
  3. It is about engaging with customers to get their view of not just a single destination but the Town.
  4. Understanding the customers that come to Crickhowell now and getting insights in to what they want today. Also understanding customers that don’t currently visit and how to attract them. The process is: Step 1 – is how they rate you now on a set of criteria based on what you offer now. Step 2 – is then about asking customers to define what their future needs are and what they want from you in the future, the horizon should be visible but far enough off to allow you to shape the future. Step 3 – You then need to establish the size of the gap between where you are now and where you need to be. These gaps will usually be measurable through metrics of: Quality, Quantity, Time & Financial costs. They allow you to see the size and scale of the change required.
  5. By appreciating future customer needs and wants you can as a Town often reduce individual costs by sharing initiatives, its about leveraging scale.

Specifics of Care About Customers

Care about customers is also about exploiting the detail, such as:

  • Shaping the future customer wants and needs to play to the Town’s strengths and mitigate weaknesses. Again this is not as individual shops but the vibe of the town. How do we make people feel in Crickhowell? What do they want to feel like as they experience the High Street. How do we win them as Ambassadors?
  • In this exercise it is important to differentiate between visitors and customers. The former may not be what we want in terms of wealth creation or wealth transference.
  • As demographics shift there is a significant opportunity to add more value and extract more profit, given the essence and USP of Crickhowell’ s brand identity:
  • Independent with a differentiated High Street
  • In an accessible National Park – the most accessible to London, Birmingham & Bristol
  • Surrounded by fresh air, beauty by day and dark skies by night
  • Friendly and Welsh!
  • We need to be more joined up and offer a real end to end experience that mimics the Big Multiples offering, but in an independent way. This requires an integrated Town Strategy.