A Statement from Steve Lewis, MBE – People’s Tax Man

Dear Fair Tax Town Supporters,

I have decided to resign my role as a founder member of Fair Tax Town campaign.

I believe the most effective way of ensuring fair tax on our high streets is to focus on the multinational tax abuser brands by keeping pressure on them to pay fair tax, exposing their practices and letting the public judge their true intentions as corporate citizens.

Going offshore to replicate the multinational tax behaviours is not an option for me. To achieve my future objective of changing the rules of engagement with the multinationals, I intend to focus my campaign on getting a seat on the HMRC Board. For too long HMRC have sent signals to the multinationals that they are prepared to negotiate everything. This has created an environment where selected companies in the United Kingdom have no intention of paying any corporation tax at all. This is a self-inflicted failure by HMRC and has created a self-perpetuating culture of Tax Avoidance.

I wish Fair Tax Town campaign the best of luck with their objectives and we will of course collaborate whereever we can.

Steve Lewis, MBE