– How can I email you?

fairtaxtown@gmail.com (thanks google!)

– How can I follow you on social media?

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– How can I get involved or offer my support?

Sign the Pledge.

– What is the Brand Handbook?

The objective of a Brand Handbook or Brand Manual is to help people who use the brand to understand its origin, the brand values and the best ways of extracting value out of the Brand. It also ensures the brand is not corrupted or misused as it grows and becomes more complex.

– Who is it for?

This Brand Handbook is written for the benefit of those people who are considering buying into the Fair Tax Town brand. It is designed to allow you to decide how to benefit from our brand whether as a shareholder, franchisee or licensee of the brand.

– What is based on?

It uses the ‘easyGroup’ brand manual as a reference to enable you to understand how a well known brand has developed and added value to entrepreneurial businesses, not all developed or the ideas of Stelios the founder, but that have benefitted from the IP offered through the easyGroup brand manual. This is what Stelios offers and of course what Crickhowell intend to offer through the Isle of Man entity FTT and the trading arm in Sugar Loaf BV in the Netherlands.

easyGroup have proved the principle that IP and branding adds value and is a tradable, valuable commodity.

– It’s pretty short, is that it?

The FTT Brand Handbook is not fully divulged here as it needs to be protected and shared through a contract to protect its value. However the handbook shares sufficient data and content to assure any reader that Fair Tax Town has robust and original IP that when combined offers a value proposition that can be traded.