We’re flat-lining and need some adrenalin, any ideas?

Graphs of progression 12th Feb

4 thoughts on “Statistics

  1. I did tell you that change will come form local power Steve
    Once you have been dropped from the media and as they say its old news tomorrows chip paper then call me and I will talk you through making a real change
    The change coming to a town near you very soon

  2. Do what the banks and corporations do.
    Ask the government to help out.
    Surely a wee spin on that is viable.

    You are doing great.

  3. this campaign will have to be treated like a small business. This means a lot of energy will have to be spent social media and perhaps some money will have to be rises to work in PR. Right now this is seen as a novelty but it needs to be recognised as a legitimate pressure group which the press contacts for comments etc so that the people remember the name and those interested join in. Of course there is a cost for successful PR.

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