Return to Sender – Part 1

As part of our invitation to the whole of Britain to demonstrate their solidarity against Amazon’s continued abusive tax practices the Amazon Return to Sender Campaign starts today… Part 2 to follow tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Return to Sender – Part 1

  1. I love your campaign, but you would curry more support if you explained things a little better. I’ve arrived here from a Facebook link and have watched a bloke stick something on an envelope. I can guess what the aim of the campaign is about, but you’re lacking on detail. We’re all busy and short on time, I don’t feel I’ve been paid back for clicking the link! Creating suspense is one thing, delivering disappointment another. This is well intended, I want you to hammer your message home!

  2. If you must do this please make sure that people are clear to buy from Amazon and not from companies using the Amazon platform. We sell on Amazon’s marketplace but we’re a small UK company and pay all our taxes here. Make sure you don’t buy and return items to small UK businesses forcing them to pay outward and return postage costs. Amazon will still get their commission and the small sellers will bear the costs.

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