5 thoughts on “Our Change.org petition is growing!

  1. Steve – I am very supportive and impressed by the campaign your group in Crickellhowell has started. You are all to be commended and encouraged. As a small business owner myself I resent the double standards practised by HMRC re. corporation tax.

    Another commentator on your site (Richard) said “I’m certain that someone will try to make things difficult for you and when they run out of ideas they will try to assassinate your characters”. Richard provides sage advice here – not to be ignored.

    So, within the context of Richard’s warning – this is meant as hopefully helpful advice (not as a criticism Steve).

    Your particular petition will provide ammunition to your detractors. Why? Because they will accuse you of using the publicity gained by the campaign to date for personal gain, in attempting to climb on (what they will term) the “gravy train” here – as the Chief Exec. of HMRC carries a £185k salary + benefits + bonuses.

    I’m sure you would be ten times better than another time-serving senior civil servant determined to preserve the status quo. But, all the same, my advice is to consider now how you might counter those allegations when they come. One possibility would be for you to state that you would donate a significant proportion of earnings from that role to the Fair Tax Town campaign itself. I think it likely that such a statement made by you on the petition itself would not only negate such accusations but at the same time encourage more signatures too.

    Best regards and good luck

    Ian Fairbairn – Herts

  2. So brilliant to have such a result but not at all surprising as tax issues affect all of us in some way . Well done Steve and all involved .

  3. About time!!!! I’ve spent 9 years running a small business, generating jobs and growth within the West Midlands, there’s never been any support from the HMRC, only huge taxes and fines. Small acorns grow into big trees and It’s about time small businesses received more support and less tax to enable them to compete and grow.

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