FTT Website Views

There are also some great stats on the location of some of our 56,098 web visits. We notice a particularly disproportionate amount of views from the Netherlands, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Jersey and Guernsey, I wonder why?! Disappointingly though, nobody from Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, or Barbados is tuning in…

FTT Website Viewer Origin 22.1.16.png

5 thoughts on “FTT Website Views

  1. Great work chaps. Heaven knows if you don’t force the government to change the tax laws they have no appetite to do it themselves.
    Have you considered forcing them to discuss this in parliament using:
    Petition.Parliament.uk ?
    I should push that line repeatedly.
    Good luck.

  2. Maybe they think you have come up with a better scheme? Keep it up. I’m certain that someone will try to make things difficult for you and when they run out of ideas they will try to assassinate your characters. Then you really know you’ve got them up against the ropes.

    1. They have already tried to rubbish the petition. A Labour peer has recently told him to stop his campaign. Condescending bxxxxxd.

  3. Well done to all at Crickhowell for getting FTT up and running. It is high time that “The Powers That Be” recognise that it does not bode well when everyday folk are trampled upon and the “Corporate Elite” can be treated differently so as to save tax and make even more profits!
    Keep up the good work!

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