6 thoughts on “A petition backing Steve Lewis, who was in BBC Two show The Town That Took On The Taxman, has more than a thousand signatures

  1. I would like to print off a document explaining what steps shops can take to join in the FairTaxTown scheme (which I would then deliver to all my local independent shops), but I cannot find a straightforward link to such a document on any of your links. Please advise? Thanks.

  2. Back you 100%. As a pensionet, I pay tax on an income of less than £12k per year. It is outrageous that these multi mllion/billion profit making companies don’t pay their statutary taxes. They should not be able to use deviious means to gey away with it. Best wishes to you, I will follow you with great interest.

  3. What qualifies him to do this job? I spent nearly 20 years working for the Inland Revenue and got booted out before it became HMRC, for refusing to lie in my monthly statistical reports. Of course I got no help from the Union or advised of my Rights either.

    But I see no difference between Tax Evasion and ‘avoidance’ as that is what we were taught, and any common dictionary can confirm. The definition of ‘evasion’ includes alternative words or synonyms, and ‘avoidance’ is the first alphabetically.

    It’s only because sycophantic yes men and idiots have been promoted by HMRC into positions they’re not fit to do, that these ‘schemes’ have been running rings around the ‘taxman’ for decades.

    Of course the BBC programme, shown last night, about the Cayman Islands proved that the UK set that up as a Tax Haven, although anyone sycophant in ‘authority’ simply denied that. And Jacques Peretti didn’t even mention that fact when interviewing them, or pointing out that he had already spoken about that to the first ‘Governors’ grandson (who had been sent there in 1961 to set it all up).

    But if you want everyone to be treated equally then get people to vote for these too.
    1. For UK to answer http://38d.gs/1zzrP1t & 2. For UN to do so too http://goo.gl/rS4HKp

    Cumry am byth as i believe they say in Wales.

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