12 thoughts on “Sign our Petition on Change.org for a Peoples Taxman at HMRC

  1. I wanted to say thank you to all of you behind the Fair Tax Town movement. It really is time that the current system was changed. It is criminal that big businesses with huge profits are paying less tax than independents on the high street. Thank you for setting up this protest campaign and putting all of your hard work into it. It’s brilliant what you are doing. Let’s save the independents on the high street! There should be one rule for all and the big companies should pay their way fairly just like all the small and medium size businesses do.

  2. For what its worth, I avoid buying from the likes of Amazon, Cafe Nero, Costa or Starbucks for this very reason. Everyone likes to save money, but buying from Amazon et al is only reinforcing their tax avoiding strategy. It would be hypocritical if you complain about big companies not paying their fair share of tax, but continue buying from them. Shop local, support the independent businesses, and “boycott” the tax avoiding big boys.

  3. This is a simple and achievable goal. It cuts straight to the heart of the argument – it is our tax, let’s have an ordinary member of the public in charge of enforcing its collection.

  4. My eldest son is a small business operator. He works hard often 7 days a week and has to compete unfairly with competitors who have a distinct advantage…….they dont pay their taxes. I dont buy from these duckers and divers who claim they employ people as if they are doing the country a favour. Amazon, go in drown in your own river of greed. Phil Harris

  5. One rule for rich massive companies and one rule for smaller businesses?! How can this be ok ethically, morally and logically? It must stop.

  6. This government says that it is on the side of small business but the way it favours large businesses and their beneficial treatment over their tax affairs gives the lie to that, or is it that the conservatives get large financial contributions from big organisations like these.

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