Introducing… The FTT Moral Compass

FTT Moral CompassA moral compass is the ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly.

We think that somewhere along the line the tax abusing corporations have lost their ability to judge what is right or wrong in terms of paying tax. Not to worry as we can all help them back on track.

The Fair Tax Town Moral Compass gives us all the ability to judge whether each company’s tax abuse is right and wrong so that we can help the tax abusers reset their moral compass to act accordingly and pay fair tax.

Over the coming months we’ll ask you where you think the targeted tax abusers sit on the moral compass.

True North (Rating 10) means they pay full corporation tax and contribute to society.

Gone South (Rating 0) means they pay no corporation tax and don’t contribute their fair share.

For all moral shades in-between (Rate 1 to 9), the higher the number the higher the tax morality, the lower the number the lower the tax morality.

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