Cadbury’s pay no UK tax

In a practice that goes against the very principles of the founders, Cadbury’s new owners Mondelez International pay no UK tax.

Weaving their way through the Curly Wurly tax loopholes with no more than a Wispa, it certainly gives a big Boost to their earnings by not paying corporation tax. Sitting down with the tax man is no more than a Picnic for them, as they look to Fudge their yearly corporation tax. We say they take a Time Out, take a Chomp out of their profits, and return what’s due. We ask for no more Turkish Delights, no more Double Decker tax avoidance, no more tax Twirl’s and get to the Crunch(ie) of the matter. We’d like the Cadbury Highlights to be about paying fair corporation tax, not avoiding it.

We’re sure the Cadbury brothers would be turning in their grave with news of this…

Cadbury Cadbury 2

2 thoughts on “Cadbury’s pay no UK tax

  1. Wot “A WHOPPER”, I heard a wispa recently, whilst having a coffee, googling TAX DODGE I got very interesting results. So lets npower ourselves and blow away the smoke and vodafone your mates and spread the word that the sugary sweet deal these companies get has got to stop.

  2. Sales were 2 bn pounds sterling according to this:-

    How about ALL the 20% tax paid on every bar goes straight to the Treasury rather than the lower amount of Value Added?

    Mondalez which own Cadbury is worth $80 bn according to this article published last August:-

    On a brighter note, the chartable Cadbury Cocoa Foundation 45 million pounds sterling ($84 million)is worth 45 million pounds sterling according to Carbury’s website:-

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